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All-state teams released

Awards announced Thursday.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 18:46:18 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 18:46:18 PST 2018

Speech to Text for All-state teams released

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all state girls basketball teams are out today... and after an awesome season in our area... its no surprise.. we have some winners.. megan meyer is a 1st team pick in class 4-a. - the 3-a list is loaded with crestwood cadets... shannon pisney... ellie friesen.. and sharon goodman are all 1st team selections. spx fp multi line:ia hs gb all-state teams released thursday 3a) 2nd team - sara faber (cl) 2a) 3rd team ... - other 2018 award winners include.. clear lakes sara faber... kaylee parks of central springs.. and rachel leerar of west hancock. - check out the all-state teams at archery at