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SPARK for Autism

A study is looking into what role genetics plays in being born with autism.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 16:56:27 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 16:56:27 PST 2018

Speech to Text for SPARK for Autism

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become more common place in today's society... with the likelihood of a person being born with it increasing significantly since the 1980s. now a study is looking into why that may be. newsroom kimt's alex jirgens is live in the newsroom with more. alex? xxx spark for autism-lintro-2 katie - a group called 'spark' is asking people around the country to participate in a study to find out what genetic makeup can cause autism. the university of iowa, along with at least 20 other medical schools are taking part. i spoke with a mother of a child with autism today who feels encouraged by these efforts. xxx spark for autism-lpkg-2 spark for autism-lpkg-10 "initially it was hard to take in, but after getting the diagnosis, i feel like i doved in with research and figuring out what we could do to help her." spark for autism-lpkg-11 loni jorgenson has a child on the autism spectrum...and feels that research is crucial to find out what causes the mental health condition. "i think that it would be helpful to get some answers because it does feel like there's a big increase in autism. so i think it would be helpful for as many families as possible to participate and help get answers." a landmark project called spark is teaming up with universities in communities across the country to find out what causes autism. but according to natalie pottschmidt...w ho is a researcher with the university of iowa...this is a bit different than existing studies. spark for autism-lpkg-7 other researchers are doing things that are more on the behavioral side than our lab does, and we are focused on the genetics and biology." lowerthird2line:a 'spark' for autism mason city, ia so to do that...spark sends out kits to participants. when you get the open the box...take out the tube...spit in the tube...then seal it and send it in the mail. jorgenson says with all the research that has come out...along with some accomodations in school...her daughter is on the right track to becoming an independent adult. "she really enjoys pets. so she would like to open some type of clinic to do something with cats." spark for autism-ltag-2 now so far - over 94,000 volunteers have participated in spark for autism-ltag-2 now so far - over 94,000 volunteers have participated in the study...with over 12,000 completing the research. live in mason city - alex jirgens - kimt news 3. / thank you alex. if you're interested in participating in the study... spark for autism-tag-2 we have a link on how to on our website at kimt dot com under news stories. / plasma cutter-vo-3
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