Farm Bill

US Sen. Tina Smith is working on a farm bill

Posted: Thu Mar 08 16:52:29 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 16:52:29 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Farm Bill

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bill-vo-3 u-s senator tina smith is working on a bill to help local farmers. farm bill-vo-1 lowerthird2line:us sen. tina smith works on farm bill kimt news 3 when senator smith took a seat in the u-s senate two months ago she knew she wanted to work on a farm bill. so far she has created a working group to advise her on what farmers in minnesota need. she hopes this bill will help small town farmers stay afloat. xxx farm bill-sot-1 lowerthird2line:us sen. tina smith (dfl) minnesota people who are in farming and ranching these days are really struggling these days because prices have been so low these farm programs really help to keep them going...and really give them the safety net they need through the good times and the bad. smith hopes this bill will be an incentive for people to stay in small farming towns in minnesota. /