Fair Agriculture Reporting Method

A local farmer is voicing his concerns in Washington about this bill

Posted: Thu Mar 08 15:37:22 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 15:37:22 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Fair Agriculture Reporting Method

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farmer and floyd county board of supervisor is in washington today. he's speaking out against a united states senate bill known as the fair agriculture reporting method, or "farm". k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick joins us live now to explain what this bill means - brian? xxx factory farms-lintro-2 amy - floyd county supervisor and family farmer mark kuhn is talking with u-s senators today on a senate bill aimed at farmers and ranchers who have livestock which would drop requirements to report emissions of hazardous gases. xxx brian story-lmpkg-1 lowerthird2line:reporting hazardous chemicals mitchell county, ia kuhn says this bill is against everything he has been fighting for in his 26 years in public services. he says gases that controlled feeding animal operations - or cafos - are often giving off are harmful to the health of those living around them...and he wants farmers to still be required to report what chemicals are released into the environment. while he's against the bills intentions, kuhn says he did understand where ranchers are coming from in terms of having to file reports. xxx he raises 1500 cattle on an open range and if he is required to report air emissions it would be very hard to do. it is not the same situation as thousands of hogs in a cafo in iowa. kuhn says he feels like the senators did listen to his concerns on the bill-- he hopes they make amendments to the bill. in mason city brian tabick k-i- m-t news three. / thank you brian. at ten we will be learning about the health conditions of some people who live near cafos. /