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Forest City City Hall Suffers Water Damage

The council chamber suffered water damage after a frozen drain pipe burst.

Posted: Fri Feb 23 16:40:20 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 23 16:40:21 PST 2018

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hall damaged frozen pipes.jpg the council chamber at city hall in forest city is under construction after a frozen drain pipe burst. frozen pipes-vo-2 lowerthird2line:city hall suffers water damage forest city, ia mayor byron ruiter says they discovered the water damage on monday around 3 o' clock. about three inches of water filled the chamber room. mayor ruiter says as repairs are done - they need to examine why the pipe froze. xxx frozen pipes-sot-2 lowerthird2line:byron ruiter mayor there is some plaster in the ceiling that is going to have to be replaced the pipe itself is going to have to get fixed but we have to find out why it froze because otshouldn't have done that. we've had a lot of freeze thaw cycles this year but we have had worst winters with worst cycles." for the next few months - council meetings will be held in the cooper building or at the police station while repairs are made. / ots:iowa leads nation in speeding