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County supervisors discuss mental health treatment

Kossuth County wants to ensure the money going toward mental healthcare is being used in the most efficient way.

Posted: Fri Feb 23 15:53:12 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 23 15:53:13 PST 2018

Speech to Text for County supervisors discuss mental health treatment

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supervisors from the region and those who provide services to the mentally ill came together to address issues on mental health and how the iowa department of human services can help. kimt's news 3 stefante randall spoke to those who attened the meeting this morning on what concerns they mental health discussion-pkgll-3 lowerthird2line:mental health discussion fertile, ia kosssuth county supervisor roger tjarks was one of many who made it a priority to attend the mental health meeting held at the fertile community center. mental health discussion-pkg-4 "we care about county social services it is a big part of the budget in the county we care how our dollars are spent and we care what services we get from the county and the state." mental health discussion-pkg-5 he says he doesn't feel that the money they are spending is being used properly. we always want to assume that we're getting a dollars worth of services for a dollar that we spend at times we don't feel that we do at times we feel that duplications of services that there shouldnt be in county social services." but tjarks is not the only one acting as a voice for those who suffer from menatal issues. mental health discussion-pkg-6 "there is rumors that they are going to discontiinue our payees and these people will be lost without our services we pay their rent and all of their bills." mental health discussion-pkg-7 rosetta oversees more than a hundred people that suffer from mental illnesses and says she is passionate about making sure they get the proper care. "well, i just think that somebody needs to analyze the mental health dollars and what it is being spent for and ensure that it is being spent of the wises and that it is helping the basic nbeeds of the people." both rosetta and roger agree that things are heading in the right direction. i do feel that they were listening and taking notes and that they are going to fight for us." "there is no simple solutiion, we are going to make mistakes fixing it going up nbut if we dont address then we are not doing our jobs either. / coming up on kimt news 3 at 10 - we will hear from the director of the iowa department of human services on how he plans to take action on mental health treatment in the state. austin stabbing-stngr-2