Residents React to Crash Involving Pedestrians

We're hearing what concerns some neighbors have about this Mason City intersection

Posted: Thu Feb 22 17:07:47 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Feb 22 17:07:48 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Residents React to Crash Involving Pedestrians

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tonight - 3 people are recovering from their injuries after they were hit by a car last night. pedestrians hit-bpvo-3 pedestrians hit-bpvo-2 the crash happened on the 200 block of north monroe avenue in mason city. police say kaysha balierra was driving south when she hit cheyan blackburn and two other teenagers. the driver was cited for failure to prove security against liability. in the wake of this crash - we're taking a closer look at what concerns neighbors have about that intersection. kimt news three's stefante randall joins us live from mason city with the details - stefante? xxx pedestrians hit-lintro-2 katie - in the short time i've been near this intersection - i've seen several drivers drive right through a stop sign. early today - i spoke with neighbors about the crash. they say while speed is not a major issue at this intersection - the lack of lighting is a concern. xxx pedestrians hit-lpkg-1 pedestrians hit-lpkg-2 it's very dark and there is no control of the drivers." jaime daniels lives down the street from the intersection where three people were struck in the 200 block of monroe street. she says that area is usually pretty dark which police say may have played a factor in the accident. pedestrians hit-lpkg-3 there is no lighting the traffic there is just ridicous and the drivers don't take any kind of responsibility coming through the stop there." pedestrians hit-lpkg-4 according to the mason city police department -the driver who hit the three pedestrians did not see them and says they were walking in the road during the time. residents say because of the ice and snow on the sidewalks- they see more people walking on the road and want city officials to do something about it. "so if we have to get a ticket or citation for not shoveling our snow on our property then why cant they remove the ice don't you think they need a ciation or something too." robert watson lives on the opposite end of the street.... pedestrians hit-lpkg-5 "i walk through all of the time and i don't see people speeding and if it was the cops would get them because the cops roll through here all of the time." pedestrians hit-lpkg-6 but he also agrees that more lighting and other the saftey measures can be put in place. this light don't shine down there like it does this way maybe they should do some stop lights down on that here or let the cops start sitting down there on that end so the people can see." / i also spoke to the mason city police department who says the driver was cited for not having insurance. no other charges have been filed. reporting live in mason city - stefante randall kimt news 3.xxxx thank you stefante. we also spoke to the city engineer who says they have not had any complaints in regards to the lighting in the area. he aslo stated that under