FluMist to be offered again

A new formula will be offered and parents say that will make vaccinating their kids much easier.

Posted: Thu Feb 22 16:07:14 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Feb 22 16:07:14 PST 2018

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flu from becoming an epidemic next season... a federal panel is giving doctors the okay to deliver the flu vaccine through a nasal spray. k-i-m-t news 3's jeremiah wilcox is live in front of mayo clinic - where he spoke to a doctor who hopes the news will encourage more people to get flu mist-lintro-4 yes amy- this flu season has been crazy - especially for children. in minnesota alone - 4 kids have died because of the virus. and 63 more schools have reported outbreaks of flu-like illnesses that's a total of 588 reports this season. flu mist-lintro-5 one doctor i spoke to today says offering a nasal spray will get more kids vaccinated... and parents love the flu mist-mpkg-1 lowerthird2line:battling the flu rochester, mn nat did it hurt when you got the shot? yeah vo samira peterson says she is interested in a less painful way of getting her daughter vaccinated. sot i doctor. yeah the doctor would give it to you. vo the advisory committee of immunization practices gave doctors the okay for a kid- friendly nasal flu vaccine for next flu season. peterson says her heart breaks everytime her daughter she gets a shot. sot lowerthird2line:samira peterson rochester, mn any other way to get a vaccine to a kid who could get sick i think it's a great idea. / flu mist-ltag-2 the nasal spray is still not being offered this year. it was last used in 20-16 - but was pulled after studies showed it barely worked. the company that makes "flu-mist" says it has re- formulated and tested the vaccine... and says it is much more effective now. reporting live in rochester jeremiah wilcox kimt news 3. / thank you jeremiah. the nasal spray is approved for people ages two to 49. while some doctors are concerned that flu-mist might not work as well as a traditional flu shot... they agree that it is better than no vaccination at all. / researchers
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