Citrus Ginger Salmon Salad

Austin Hy-Vee's Chef Kristine shows us how to make this delicious and nutritious meal.

Posted: Thu Feb 22 15:10:10 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Feb 22 15:10:10 PST 2018

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food at four-pkg-2 i am here at austin hy-vee with chef kristine. kristine, what are we making today? food at four-pkg-3 so we're just gonna make a citrus salmon ginger salad, super easy, something that's great for this lenten season that we're in right now too, um just a quick easy fix for a friday night. food at four-pkg-4 alright sounds perfect, we're going to get started. so the first thing i'm gonna do is since i've kind of got everything prepped up i am just gonna start my pan, i'm gonna get that heat rolling on it. and you want to do it at about a medium heat even just to start it and just let your oil warm-up that way. but then i'm going to just put a little bit of olive oil on there and get that warmed up while we talk about our marinade and dressing. so our marinade and dressing is a kinda two for one type of thing. i do have one already predone because i'd say at least give it 20 minutes to kind of sit in there and let the salmon soak up all those flavors so the first thing i've got is i've got some orange juice, so that's obviously our citrus. i've got a little bit of ground ginger, cinnamon, and then just a little bit of sugar to kind of sweeten things up a little bit.if you want you can totally cut out that sugar if you just don't want that in there, it's still got great good sweet flavor to it. so we're just gonna put those in. and then this is basically just our marinade and our dressing. now in the recipe that i have for you guys, you're going to take half of this and pour it over your salmon for your marinade and then save the rest to pour over your salad at the end. so i'm just gonna set that aside for now because i've already got my salmon marinading. so my oil still needs a minute so we're gonna kind of build the salad up a little bit. this is just a really simple salad we're using spinach. i've got candied walnuts and cranberries that you actually can buy in the hy-vee produce department already done. otherwise just doing a simple batch of candied walnuts and some cranberries is just perfect. so we're just gonna sprinkle that on. and then i'm using some raspberries and blueberries on this one. now if you're not partial to the blueberry and maybe like blackberries instead, mix that out, do like i've always said, do what your tastebuds love. so we're just gonna pour those over a little bit. and that's already just a great looking salad all by itself. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna get the salmon ready. so once you've got that marinade on at least a 20 minute, i've got oil in the pan. and that initial is gonna be just a little smokey there because of all the citrus in this and the reacting with the oil. so just make sure you've got that on a medium-low heat so that we don't have to worry about it. so this is a 5 ounce piece of salmon. for that you should do about 2-3 minutes on each side. ok so like i said about two to three minutes on each side. if you want to do it a little bit faster you can up the heat but just be very careful and be by it all the time if you're going to do that. so otherwise like i said, just looking for those signs, see how it's starting to white up around this edge, we're starting to see the whites seep into those so this is the perfect time to get a flip on it. so that's what we're just gonna do. that's just a really nice looking seer. again you can see on this side since this is the side that we cooked, it's starting to flake and separate and as the center gets cooked it's only gonna release a little bit more and open up. so we're gonna finish this off about 2-3 minutes on the other side and then we'll be ready to finish placing our salad together. we've done the salmon, it's all done. again you know like i was showing close up it was starting to flake apart and at this point we're starting to get some of that white seepage out of it and that's the perfect time. another thing to remember with salmon and a lot of fish too is give it about a five minute rest period before you put it in your dish or on your dish, whatever you're doing to, just to finish cooking up the inside without burning the outside of the fish. so just put that on the side there. again this is gonna now this is gonna break apart so you're gonna want to leave it in that bowl and do a final whisk before you put it on top. and then you can just do a little pour over and the nice thing since this is just seasoning and orange juice is you can put as much as you want on there because it's very low calorie. and there we go we got a great citrus ginger salad. / food at four-tag-2 if you'd like to
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