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Changes to RPT Routes

Longer bus hours and more route options

Posted: Tue Feb 20 20:55:48 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 20 20:55:49 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Changes to RPT Routes

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convenient in rochester. the community is asking for longer bus hours and more routes from r- p-t. kimt news 3's brooke mckivergan talked with riders today and rpt officials. rpt discussion-stngr-2 she's live in the rochester studio tonight - brooke when can we expect these changes? project legacy-lintro-2 katie i spoke with bryan law who is the principle transit planner for the city of rochester tells me we can expect the changes this coming october. this all started because of a plan that was adopted in may 20-17. rpt discussion-pkg-1 rpt discussion-pkg-5 the plan includes new route names, more stops, and extended hours. ashley wilson is a mother who just started working at mayo. she says she takes the bus 4 days a week and is late picking up her kids from daycare because of current bus times. rpt discussion-pkg-2 "there is a space in between the 5 and 5:30 and i have to get my kids by 6. rpt discussion-pkg-6 as for r-p-t rider jacy saterbak - as a student - he's eager to not have such a long wait between busses. rpt discussion-pkg-3 "it really sucks when you rush down here and you just miss it and then you're like ugh 45 minutes of waiting." rpt discussion-pkg-7 the extended hours are what brian law says members are probably most excited about. rpt discussion-pkg-4 "we're going to go from 5am to past 6 o'clock and toward 8 for all routes." rpt discussion-ltag-2 law tells me there is this new interactive map that anyone can use to see all new routes, times, and names being added in the upcoming months. some of those routes will even go until 11 at night. rpt discussion-ltag-3 to find a link to that interactive map and start looking ahead at changes to be made just go to k-i-m-t dot com and look for this story under local news. live in the rochester studio-brooke mckivergan kimt news 3 thanks brooke. of course this all costs money. law says funding for these new routes comes from several sources including sponsorships, the federal government, and the city. county
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