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Community reacts to Noseworthy retirements

C.U.R.E. and Save Our Hospital gave statements to KIMT.

Posted: Tue Feb 20 20:53:12 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 20 20:53:12 PST 2018

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president and c-e-o of mayo clinic - dr. noseworthy announced his upcoming retirement at the end this year. noseworthy-vo-1 noseworthy-vo-2 during a conference following the announcement - noseworthy noted he feels its important for the next person to step in and be a leader as well as a futuristic thinker. considering he's been with the clinic for 28 years - there are mixed feelings on his departure. one member of communities united for rochester empowerment tells k-i-m-t he is excited for a change and hopeful that the new leader will work more with the noseworthy-sot-1 noseworthy-sot-2 "look at mayo as a community organization as an organization that's providing a lot more than what dr. noseworthy has offered." noseworthy-sotvo-3 in a statement to kimt - a member of the save our hospital-albert lea group said in part, "we are hopeful that new leadership will re- prioritize community care."