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Dangers of responding

First responders and law enforcement are working together to make the roads safer for everyone.

Posted: Tue Feb 20 20:51:22 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 20 20:51:23 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Dangers of responding

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around three months before we learn the details of this crash on i-35 in worth county on february 9th. we do know it involved a worth county deputy - and led to one person's death. / and it's situations like these that local first repsonders and law enforcement are working together to make safer for everyone. traffic incident training-stngr-2 k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick sat in on the class today and has what they are learning to keep you traffic incident training-llpkg-1 natural sound traffic incident training-llpkg-4 law enforcement and first responders from all over our area are learning how to better respond to crash scenes to keep those involved - and themselves - safe. traffic incident training-llpkg-7 try understand what the other people want to do state patrol wants us to get and clear the scene as quick as possible traffic incident training-llpkg-8 when it comes to traffic crash investigation police is there to handle like the criminal end of it and the fire department is there to handle the rescue sergeant mike lillquist with the mason city police department says he has seen a crash where those responding were hit by another driver. traffic incident training-llpkg-2 gets kind of hectic than not only are you having to deal with the initial problem i have a back up issue that's going on but you also have to get more resources traffic incident training-llpkg-5 the department of public safety is hosting this class - and say crashes like this traffic incident training-llpkg-10 one in worth county as well as the 70 car pile up on i-35 are happing all too often - saying around 10 police officers die each year from second hand crashes - along with four fire fighters and around 60 tow truck drivers - sparking a national effort to look at how responses are executed. traffic incident training-llpkg-3 he willing to change the way you've done thing for years and maybe look at something a little different traffic incident training-llpkg-6 lieutenant miller says much of the training involves learning how emergency workers are responding to scenes as well as give them tips on how to do it better something he says he has already seen the benefits of since the training started in 20-12. looking at my troopers alone i've seen them using the concepts behind us program and it's kind of a cultural change it takes them a few years to catch onto it but now they're more effective we get roads cleaned up cleaner there making everybody safer and those attending like lillquist and odegaard say working together to understand each agencies tactics is key to everyone's safety. what's law enforcement want to get out of this car wreck what's fire want to get out of this car wreck and if we all understand what everybody's goal is we can work towards that quicker and get get off the roads quicker. traffic incident training-llpkg-9 lieutenant miller says he has actually been hit while on scene nearly ten times-- in mason city brian tabick k-i-m-t news three. traffic incident training-tag-2 first repsonders say one safety method they use is to park a fire truck in the back of a crash to try and use it as a barrier - just in case someone does end up hitting them they will hit the truck and not those working.
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We are tracking the potential for not only heavy rain but for some localized flash flooding in our area.
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