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Cable barriers

They're designed to reduce traffic deaths.

Posted: Tue Feb 20 20:43:40 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 20 20:43:41 PST 2018

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they're essentially wire fences in the median of busy gned to reduce traffic deaths. cable barriers-vo-2 cable barriers-vo-5 since their origination in iowa in 2003 - the iowa d-o-t has installed over 330 miles of these barriers. cable barriers-vo-6 in minnesota - mndot has installed 591 miles since 2004. cable barriers-vo-4 like other barriers...the purpose is to prevent traffic fatalities...but unlike metal and concrete...they less expensive and are more efficient. iowa d-o-t field services coordinator pete hjelmstad tells kimt they are cable barriers-sot-2 cable barriers-sot-3 "with the numbers that we do have, we have seen that the cross median crashes that end in fatalities have dropped by over 50 percent." according to mn-dot - in minnesota...appr oximately 80 lives have been saved by these cable barriers. while of average of 8 people per year die in cross median multi- vehicle accidents...dow n from 14 in 2009 according to the iowa dot.