KIMT StormTeam3 Weather Forecast 2-19-18

Ice will lead to slick travel all day long.

Posted: Mon Feb 19 06:10:43 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 19 06:10:43 PST 2018

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in now with storm team 3 meteorologist jon rivas for a check of today's weather forecast... winter weather returns for today. mostly freezing rain will threaten the entire area leading to very slick travel. ice will accumulate and we could even see power outages with accumulate and we could even see power outages with downed tree limbs due to ice. a winter weather advisory is in effect for the entire area entire area until turesday. what: mainly freezing rain for the area with occasional sleet and snow mixing in with the freezing rain. the line between mainly snow showers and freezing rain will cut through southern minnesota, meaning more snow flakes and less ice north and west with less snow and more ice south and especially east. freezing rain means that it will fall as rain through the sky and instantly freeze once it hits the ground. this is an unusual system because surface temperatures will be in the 20's but air above the surface will be above freezing, causing the freezing rain. when: i anticipate that the freezing rain and mix will begin around 5 am, moving in from the southwest. this will impact the morning commute. this scattered precipitation will continue into the afternoon, becoming more isolated for the evening. a second wave of scattered ice and mix will arrive around midnight and will continue into the morning commute on tuesday. isolated snow and wintry mix will wrap up by tuesday afternoon. how much: widespread ice accumulations of about a tenth of an inch to two tenths of an inch. isolated spots east and south