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Iowa lawmakers meet with voters

Iowa lawmakers meet with voters

Posted: Mon Feb 19 05:17:58 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 19 05:17:58 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Iowa lawmakers meet with voters

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iowa legislators are heading back to des moines after hearing from you! dan ? its part of being involved, part of being a citizens responsibility. dan beenken is making attending legislative forums a tradition. his goal in meeting with house representative tedd gassman along with state senator dennis guth is to tell them his concerns about the recent tax plan passed on a federal level. both republican legislators are hearing about that and other issues including gun control from their constituents. both believe seeing kids get shot in schools is not about gun control but tedd? 50 percent of the people that marry in the country ended up in divorce, we have a lot of single parenthood. dennis ? it's a mental health issue we have a lot of kids out there that are coming from difficult situations. funnel week just ended at the state captiol. bills touching on the death penalty and only having to one license plate