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"Countering the Mass Shooter Threat"

Local community members are learning what to do in a mass shooting situation.

Posted: Sun Feb 18 20:53:36 PST 2018
Updated: Sun Feb 18 20:53:37 PST 2018

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high school mass shooting... community members in our area are learning what to do in similar situations. mass shooter class-vo-1 mass shooter class-vo-2 people in manly are attending a class called "countering the mass shooter threat." the firearms instructor says knowing what to do starts with education like this. he shared statistics and defensive measures like the "run-hide- fight" mass shooter class-sots-1 mass shooter class-sots-2 "they'll hide in a corner, hide in a closet and that's not the right reaction in most cases. it's either to get out of the scene or fight if that's the case so and that's ya know - an offensive move is better than a defensive move in most cases, especially with an active shooter scenario." mass shooter class-sots-3 "you gotta be aware of your surroundings, and see what possibly could go wrong." organizers hope to have more learning opportunities like this one in the near future. /