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Re-commisioning at Mayo Clinic

It's a way to make the buildings more efficient and use less energy

Posted: Wed Feb 14 17:11:06 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 17:11:06 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Re-commisioning at Mayo Clinic

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commiss-bpclip-2 destination medical center is an ongoing project in rochester meant to create more jobs - draw more people - and make the city a global destination for health and wellness. those with the project are aiming their focus at sustainability. kimt news three's calyn thompson joins us live from rochester with the details about today's community discussion...caly n? xxx sustain commiss-lintro-2 katie - those with the d-m-c project are hosting monthly community meetings about sustainability. this month's discussion was all about re- commissioning and how mayo clinic is using it throughout their buildings - like gonda. xxx sustain commiss-lmpkg-1 lowerthirdcourtesy:file re-commissioning at mayo clinic rochester, mn those with mayo clinic tell me they've actually been retro- commissioning. that's where they're going through buildings system in their facilities... finding the operation inefficiencies that are wasting energy and correcting them in order for the building to perform better. mayo clinic set a goal to reduce their energy consumption by 20-percent by year 20-20. they met that goal by 2017... and one community member now wants their new goal to be incorporating more renewable energy resources. sustain commiss-lmpkg-2 "not only are we producing from sustainable resources, but we're doing them to increase our local economy and then that diversifies our economy which i think is good and it also keeps that money flowing throughout our local economy." besides reducing energy use... those with mayo says retro- commissioning also helps the building last longer. live in rochester - calyn thompson - kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. organizers say re- commissioning is a good model for existing buildings and will also be helpful for buildings in the d-m-c areas. / live weather