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Sister Gives Brother Gift of Life

A sister donated a kidney to her brother, and the family is celebrating her successful recovery

Posted: Wed Feb 14 17:09:25 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 17:09:25 PST 2018

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valentine's day than by joining the organ donor registry? that's one way to recognize national donor day which falls every year on february 14th. it's a day to celebrate donors who have given the ultimate gift of love... and as kimt news three's deedee stiepan tells us - that's exactly how one local family is celebrating this donor day-pkg-1 donor day-pkg-2 18-year old jake knudson believes everything happens for a reason... while coaching youth baseball in his hometown of hokah minnesota - he was hit in the head by the backswing of one of the young players. he went to the e-r where doctors noticed his blood pressure was high - eventually a kidney biopsy was done which revealed.. donor day-pkg-6 "i was at 9% kidney function at the time." "and you had no idea?" "nope, no symptoms." donor day-pkg-3 "we knew he needed a transplant so i wanted to find out..." when his older sister kaylen found out she was a match - she says there was no question... she would giver her brother one of her kidneys. the transplant was successful. the knutson siblings underwent surgery at mayo clinic a little over a week ago and are now recovering at the gift of life transplant house. donor day-pkg-5 "it's been difficult but i'm glad i could be apart of him living a normal life again so here's the new chapter that we get to start." donor day-pkg-4 as jake knows - it's new chapter not everyone gets.. "jake's best friend actually was at st. mary's for ten months a year ago waiting for a heart and lung transplant. he was on a echmo machine for ten months. he didn't get his heart and lungs." as a tribute to his friend - jake wears this "super mario" bracelet... and now he has another - it says donate life. in rochester deedee stiepan kimt news 3. / both jake and kaylen are recovering well. their mission is to continue promoting organ donation and raising awareness about the more than 123- thousand people who are currently waiting for a life-saving organ donation. donor day-tag-2 to learn more about becoming an organ - tissue and eye donor - head to kimt dot com and look for this story under local news. / sustain