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More Potential Victims

After a former custodian at Clear Lake Schools was accused of recording employees in a faculty bathroom, we're learning the effects of his actions could be impacting more people.

Posted: Wed Feb 14 17:01:44 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 17:01:44 PST 2018

Speech to Text for More Potential Victims

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we're learning more people could be impacted by the actions of a man accused of putting a camera in a school bathroom. bathroom victims-vo-3 david bemis is charged with invasion of privacy after police say he recorded 4 school employees using a clear creek elementary faculty bathroom. bathroom victims-vo-1 lowerthird2line:potentially more victims kimt news 3 those with crisis intervention in mason city say invasion of privacy is a hard issue to deal with. mary ingham is a counselor who helps men and women working through the trauma often associated with this sort of crime. ingham says a victim is defined as anyone who has changed their daily life because of the actions of someone else-- meaning if staff members or others are afraid to use the bathrooms for fear of being recorded - they could be a victim of bemis' actions. xxx bathroom victims-sot-1 lowerthird2line:mary ingham crisis intervention services if you change your way like you never go to the public bathroom again you are a victim of this crime even though you weren't on camera. bathroom victims-sot-3 ingham says they can work with victims to help them become comfortable doing what they did before the traumatic event. / charges dropped-mugvo-4