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Event organizers checking ice thickness

With an upcoming kite festival set to take place on Clear Lake, organizers are working to ensure attendees stay safe.

Posted: Wed Feb 14 15:44:29 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 15:44:29 PST 2018

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this weekend hundreds of people will be heading to clear lake for the annual color the wind kite festival and today those hosting the event are checking the thickness of the ice festival-vo-1 lowerthird2line:getting ready for the kite festival clear lake, ia natural sound larry day is one of the organizers of the annual event. he says they get out to start making sure ice levels are on track in december and january... but really start seriously testing the ice the week before the event. he says the safety of those attending is the number one priority... and that means there's a lot to pay attention ice festival-sot-1 ice festival-sot-2 there are no soft spots just be careful when you walk on the snow rather than the plowed out roads because that is more icy just watch for the ice heeves but they are all up along the shores. that event kicks off saturday starting at eleven a-m. /