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Lung donor recipient takes first breaths with new lungs

Lung donor recipient takes first breaths with new lungs

Posted: Wed Feb 14 04:57:13 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Feb 14 04:57:13 PST 2018

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a video that documents a powerful post? surgery moment at mayo clinic has gone virial. take a look ? 33 million people around the world have seen jennifer jones taking her first unobstructed breath after a lung transplant ? thanks to her fiance who took the video. the byron couple sat down with kimt news three's deedee stiepan who joins us live in studio. jennifer and her fiance rob have no idea why this video has suddenly gone viral ? it was taken four months ago after her surgery. regardless the timing couldn't be better because today is national donor day ? a day to honor those who give the gift of life and make moments like this possible./// "that moment of taking that fresh breath." "the first breath of air, for so long i have not been able to breathe like that." jennifer admits there's a lot she doesn't recall after her transplant surgery last october ? but she remembers everything about her first breath with her new lungs. "at first i was scared and then it was like, 'oh my goodness, i can breathe and i can still breathe and i'm still taking in all this air' and it was overwhelming, it was incredible." 11 years ago ? she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis ? last june she started tests to see if she would be a candidate for transplant. by the time she found a match in october ? her lung function had declined to just 10%. today ? she's able to live a normal life with 93% lung function all thanks to an anonymous person who made the choice to become a donor. and on this national donor day ? she has a message for the donor family. "i wouldn't be here today with out them... it's not about me, it's about them and their legacy lives on because i get to live it now and that's a special thing that i am so proud of and i take these lungs and take this gift as like a child almost that i'll protect with all my life. their legacy, but my miracle." while she doesn't know if her donor's family has seen this video ? jennifer and rob have been contacted by many donor families who have and have found comfort it in. including one woman who recently reached out. <"she lost a nephew and she said you know, we got the card from the family that received the organs and that was nice, but nothing moved me or gave me that sense of closure and really what it means to be an organ donor and recipient like watching this video and seeing her face... and knowing that she gets to live and seeing that jennifer and rob encourage people celebrate national donor day by registering to become an organ ? eye and tissue donor. we have information on how to become a donor on kimt dot com ? just look for this story under local news.///