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Smartphones could carry flu virus

Smartphones could carry flu virus

Posted: Tue Feb 13 04:57:27 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Feb 13 04:57:27 PST 2018

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and with another way to stop the spread of the flu??? wiping down your phones! and to find out how many germs can be on your smartphone... let's go live to kimt news three's annalisa pardo, who's live in rochester this morning. that's right tyler and arielle, recents studies show that people's cell phones are often times dirtier than a toilet. so how often do you use your smartphone? my smartphone? id say at least once every ten minutes. we're constantly holding them and putting them close to our mouth... and experts say the average phone holds more bacteria than a toilet seat. that's why u?s cellular in iowa says keeping a clean phone during a flu season like this is critical. most people in the community tell us they agree. i clean my phone about once a week usually. i touch my phone, i touch other things, there's a lot of things on my phone that needs to not be there. every time i clean my glasses or something i try to wipe my phone too, experts suggest cleaning a phone with a disinfectant wipe likt this (hold up wipe( that's been used several times, so there's not too much moisture on your phone. and to do this regularly. live in rochester annalisa pardo kimt news three. they also suggest keeping your phone out of the bathroom to keep it clean... a recent survey by "inc dot com" revealed 61 percent of people use their phone while in the bathroom.