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Cooperative Busing

Rochester students may be taking public transit instead of a traditional school bus.

Posted: Mon Feb 12 20:47:43 PST 2018
Updated: Mon Feb 12 20:47:43 PST 2018

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cooperative busing-bpclip-2 thanks for joining us - i'm katie huinker. first tonight - it's unconventional but rochester students may be taking public transit to school in the future rather than a traditional school bus. k-i-m-t's brooke mckivergan attended a meeting tonight to get all of the details on the latest proposal. live she is live in rochester now, brooke what can you tell us? xxx cooperative busing-lintro-2 katie - it's bus stops like this one where kids would come in the morning to catch a ride to school. today's meeting was strictly to see if the city of rochester should be moving forward with creating a cooperative busing agreement with rochester public schools.. and as it sits right now - council members and residents are pretty split on the idea. xxx cooperative busing-minipkg-1 cooperative busing-pkg-5 "our first topic today hopefully we're going to get an overview on the school cooperative bussing." natural sound are the days of big yellow school buses limited? for rochester public schools they might be. council members and the public weighed in on the debate when it comes to using rochester public transit buses to get to and from school. the rochester city schools superintendent says this would allow all students to start school at the same time. cooperative busing-pkg-9 "let me make it perfectly clear, we're not doing this to save money we're doing this to try to get a 1 tiered system." phase 1 of the proposal states 16-17 percent of students could ride current r- p-t routes- however 16 new routes would have to be added. rpt would provide 3 trips per day-before school, after school, and after school activities. monday night was all about phase 2 - looking into funding and school start times. it's a radical change...that comes with concerns. cooperative busing-pkg-4 "what's the systems liability in terms of when that student gets off the bus, bullying and other things that take place on the bus and having to have drivers intervene." cooperative busing-pkg-7 councilman michael wojcik has a more positive view... cooperative busing-pkg-3 "i am entirely confident that kids in the presence of adults will act better and adults in the presence of kids will also act better." cooperative busing-pkg-8 one woman who takes the bus to and from work 4 days a week tells kimt she thinks it would be sad to see kids taking the bus to and from school... cooperative busing-pkg-2 "i think that right now kids already have a hard time being encouraged to go to school and if they make transportation even harder it might discourage them all together." another argument brought up at the meeting was that by doing this, it would be exposing young adults to public transportation early on and making city streets less crowded. others say it is too much of a liability for rpt bus drivers.. live in rochester, brooke mckivergan kimt news 3. thanks brooke. again nothing is set in stone at this time. the discussions will continue followed by a city council vote. stay with kimt for the latest.