Family Shares Bullying Story

A local mother wants to share her family's story about how the effects of bullying reach much further than the classroom

Posted: Fri Feb 09 16:52:23 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 16:52:23 PST 2018

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across the nation are the target of bullying...and while some kids suffer in silence - one area mother wants to share her family's story to help others. bullying-stnger-2 k-i-m-t news three's jeremiah wilcox reports. xxx bullying-pkgll-9 bullying-pkgll-2 i really didn't want to go to school because i felt was not safe for me and i didn't know what was going to happen to at all. bullying-pkgll-3 jennifer omodt and her sons came to our rochester news room today to share their personal accounts of school bullying. she says both her sons are victims of bullying... but until her youngest son suffered a e had no clue it was happening. when omodt got the phone call from her son's school - she was devastated. lowerthird2line:jennifer omodt rochester, mn i cried i was pretty much unconsoleable. i felt guilty like i should of done more to stop this from happening and now im worried. bullying-pkgll-7 the centers for disease control and prevention report - one in three students ages 12 to 18 report being bullied. omodt's oldest son-dawson - says everyday was a struggle. lowerthird2line:dawson omodt rochester, mn was really hard for me.i just couldn't take it anymore.i hurt myself any way i could think of i slit my wrist i tried to take pills but my mom was there so she didn't allow me to. i just telling myself that it's not worth it but im glad im here now though. reporter outro bullying-pkgll-8 for privacy reasons we are not releasing the school where the bullying occured. but we reached out to staff today for comment. they say they don't have a report of this bullying on file but are committed to addressing bullying. / both boys have switched schools and their mother says they are much happier. / live