Clearing Snow from Hydrants

This simple task can help save firefighters precious time in the winter

Posted: Fri Feb 09 16:45:53 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 16:45:53 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Clearing Snow from Hydrants

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problems on the road - it also poses a threat when it's covering fire hydrants. now that there is a thick layer of snow on the ground - city workers and firefighters are reminding people to clear those hydrants in case of an emergency. kimt news 3 stefante randall spoke with fire crews today. she is live for us now in mason city...stefante?x xx snow hyrdrants-lintro-2 katie- this is how a fire hydrant should look during the winter season to ensure they are visible to firefighters and so they have easy access to them in case of an snow hyrdrants-lpkg-2 snow hyrdrants-lpkg-3 nat shoveling? when firefighters from the mason city fire department arrive to work during the winter.. one of the first duties they have is to remove snow from fire hydrants. snow hyrdrants-lpkg-4 "it's important that fire hydrants are visible for us it makes it a little bit quicker to access water if there is a fire and every second counts at the point." snow hyrdrants-lpkg-6 duffey says the excessive amount of snow on the roads is already slowing them down. "well, we are already being a little delayed as it is with the road conditions so as long at the hydrants are cleared out it makes it a little bit quicker for us when we are already running behind." but they are not the only ones taking precautionary measures this winter. zach sankey works at southbridge mall and has his own set of duties after the snow falls... lowerthird2line:zach sankey maintenance worker at the mall "when it snows, right away in the morning we have to make sure our sprinkler rooms are cleared so just in case emrgenices and fire departemtns can't get in there." snow hyrdrants-lpkg-7 and it's not just fires sankey is taking precautions against. "it's real dangerous out there get all of the handcapped accesbile all cleared out and keep it nice and safe for people to get around. / snow hyrdrants-ltag-2 while residents are not required by city ordinance to clear snow from fire hydrants - city leaders and mason city firefighters encourage you to do so. live in mason city - stefante randall kimt news 3. / thank you stefante. and mason city has more than 12-hundred fire hydrants located throughout the city. / roch robbery-vo-3