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SocialIce means busy weekend for cabs

Local cab companies are gearing up for SocialIce.

Posted: Fri Feb 09 15:50:36 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Feb 09 15:50:37 PST 2018

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services socialice-vo-4 an annual frozen event is back this weekend in downtown rochester. the social-ice event is meant for people to have a drink and relax... but for others it means a busy work weekend lies ahead. driving services socialice-vo-1 lowerthirdcourtesy:file socialice brings work for driving services rochester, mn driving services are gasing-up to help event go- ers get home safely. local cab companies say they're adding extra cars for the weekend. lowerthird2line:socialice brings work for driving services rochester, mn uber driver justin melby says he's going to be adding driving hours... saying it's important to have riding services available for big events like social driving services socialice-sot-1 driving services socialice-sot-2 it's super important. um yeah you don't want to get a d- u-i and you don't want to be getting in a crash. melby suggests calling for a ride about 20 minutes before the event ends to avoid a long wait time out in the cold. / rpu mystery engineer-vo-3 someone