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Rochester Police Dept. looks to monitor hearing loss

The department is holding mandatory hearing screenings to set a baseline for the future.

Posted: Tue Jan 30 15:52:54 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 30 15:52:55 PST 2018

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8. / ots:monitoring hearing loss police hearing.jpg like many occupations - law enforcement officers can be exposed to high noise levels that could cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. new this year - the rochester police department is establishing a program to monitor their officer's hearing ability... kimt news three's deedee stiepan is live in rochester - deedee - how does the program work?xxx police hearing test-lvo-5 here in the parking lot of the olmsted county government center - rochester police department employees have been coming for mandatory hearing screenings... police hearing test-lvo-4 it's not here anymore but earlier today an osha mobile health unit was parked right here... take a look... police hearing test-lvo-1 lowerthird2line:police officer hearing tests rochester, mn over three days - more than 140 employees will have their hearing baseline testing done as part of the department's new hearing conservation program. it applies to any officer who has annual or bi- annual shooting requirements - however as one patrol lieutenant explains other aspects of the job beyond gunfire can cause damage to one's police hearing test-lsot-1 lowerthird2line:lt. craig anderson rochester police department "sirens are obviously loud, a lot of us wear ear pieces so the radio is in your ear all day long and when you're working busy areas or busy bars or downtown you need to turn it up in order to hear it so according to the safety guy at osha there's a lot of things that could affect it." police hearing test-lsot-3 not all police departments have hearing conservation programs but lieutenant anderson says from the research they did - many are looking into implementing them. live in rochester deedee stiepan kimt news 3. / thank you deedee. from now on - r-p-d will provide annual audiogram hearing tests that will be compared with the baseline tests done this week. / super mega ultra moon-stngr-2 a