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Suicide Prevention Service

Crisis text line is now providing a text suicide prevention service for free in Minnesota.

Posted: Wed Jan 17 16:44:50 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 17 16:44:51 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Suicide Prevention Service

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a text suicide prevention service for free in minnesota. suicide help-vo-1 lowerthird2line:suicide prevention service rochester, mn people who text the service number will be connected with a trained counselor who can assist them and connect them with a local resource. a student at the university of minnesota says this could encourage more people to seek help because texting is sometimes easier than calling. xxx suicide help-sot-1 lowerthird2line:anna beam rochester, mn "people usually don't have that and they have to call and they don't always feel comfortable telling people their stuff so i think if it's over text that they'll feel way more comfortable." suicide help-sot-3 minnesota's previous text suicide service assisted with more than 11- thousand texts in 20-16. / vets