Penny Wars fundraiser will help those in need

Area students were able to raise more than $700 to donate to a local food bank.

Posted: Wed Jan 17 15:49:48 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 17 15:49:48 PST 2018

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today - john adams middle school presented hawkeye harvest food bank with a check from their annual fundraiser in efforts to help those in need. penny wars-vo-2 lowerthird2line:students donate money to local food bank mason city, ia the penny wars fundraiser was started in late december by students. each student had the opportunity to put pennies inside of collection buckets in their home room classrooms. in total - the students were able to raise 7- hundred-38 dollars and sevety two cents which will be used to purchase food for the food bank. student gretchen garrett explains why she wanted to lend a helping hand to her penny wars-sot-2 lowerthird2line:gretchen garrett student i think its imprtant tohelp give back to out community because we have lived here most of our lives..well not all of us but some of us and we lived safely and these people have been giving tous so we should give back to them." the hawkeye harvest food bank will use the money to buy food from the iowa food bank for 14 cents a pound. the food bank serves up to 2- thousand people each month. /