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Windshield wipers

What you should do with your windshield wipers during a snow storm.

Posted: Sat Jan 13 21:52:54 PST 2018
Updated: Sat Jan 13 21:52:54 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Windshield wipers

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cars during a snowstorm is nearly impossible for drivers unless you have a garage. but for those who don't... they're left with ice on their windshields and some even raise up their wipers to avoid them from sticking. kimt news three's stefante randall found out what drivers should actually do in this situation.xxx windshield wipers-llvosot-1 windshield wipers-llvosot-2 drivers who raised their windshield wipers like this during a sotrm to prevent them from getting icy may want to think again." windshield wipers-llvosot-3 during the recent winter storm from thursday - some drivers left their windsheild wipers sticking up like this. but according to a parts specialist from o'reileys auto parts they have been pretty busy replacing broken wipers and recommending products to remove the ice from their windshields. parts specialists austin rozenvink explains the pros and cons on whether driver to raise their wipers or not. windshield wipers-llvosot-4 can save the wiper blade from sticking to and freezing to the windshield and the cons the ind can blow the wiper blade back down smashing against you rwindshield cracking it proably." windshield wipers-llvosot-5 he also recommends that drivers allow their cars and windshields to warm and defrost completely before driving. reporting inmason city - stefante randall kimt news 3. / some products he advises drivers to purchase for their cars include windshield defrost and rain-x. /