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Snowstorm Causes Some Delays

We're learning how the winter weather impacted the Mason City Municipal Airport

Posted: Fri Jan 12 17:01:52 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 17:01:53 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Snowstorm Causes Some Delays

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we're getting a better idea of how mason city airport is impacted by severe winter weather - like the conditions we saw yesterday. flights scheduled to go out of the mason city yesterday were delayed due to the snowstorm. airport runways-vo-2 airport runways-vo-3 operations supervisor dave simms says due to the high levels of traffic at airports in minneapolis and chicago - they had to delay some of their flights by a few hours. he says thanks to constant communication between airlines they are able to work efficiently to keep passengers informed about their flights. xxx airport runways-sot-2 airport runways-sot-3 when bad weather strikes we do asks everyones patience if you are traveling during a winter storm stay in contact with the airlines to find out about any cancellations." brian says yesterday morning their entire runway was covered in ice and they had to bring in workers earlier than usual. /