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Livestock & the Cold

A farmer discusses how his cattle fare in the cold temperatures.

Posted: Fri Jan 12 16:56:39 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 16:56:39 PST 2018

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seen warnings for pet owners about bringing your dogs or cats inside when the temperatures drop below zero...but what about livestock? livestock cold-stnger-1 k-i-m-t's brooke mckivergan headed to a local farm to get some answers from someone who knows cattle best. xxx livestock cold-llvosot-4 i'm here at hidden stream farm where a farmer tells me that his cattle are actually more comfortable outside-even in the cold. livestock cold-llvosot-1 livestock cold-llvosot-2 "they're not bunched up in a barn together. it gets hot and moisture-and that actually makes cattle more sick." livestock cold-llvosot-3 eric tells me that he has beef cattle which are heartier in general but they do grow longer coats in the winter to withstand the cold. he says maybe it's not their favortie thing but they tough it out just like we do. he makes sure they have plenty of bedding and good feed and is sure to keep them out of the wind. in elgin-im brooke mckivergan kimt news eric says that his beef cattle are different than dairy cows who cannot withstand the cold the way that his cows can. / today