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State agency warns homeowners about rentals

Minnesotans who plan to rent out their homes for Superbowl weekend should check the fine print on their insurance policies.

Posted: Fri Jan 12 15:49:40 PST 2018
Updated: Fri Jan 12 15:49:40 PST 2018

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superbowl is going to bring thousands of tourists to minnesota - and all of those people will need somewhere to stay. home owners in minneapolis have already started listing their homes for rent for superbowl weekend - and now - some in rochester are doing the same. superbowl homes-vo-1 lowerthird2line:home rentals for superbowl weekend rochester, mn however - the minnesota department of commerce is urging home owners to take a look at their insurance policies before listing their homes on sites on air-b-n-b. they say that often times - homeowner policies do not offer coverage if you are running a business out of your home... and even renting it out for a couple of days could disqualify you. some say they would still rent out their space - but just be cautious of their superbowl homes-sot-1 lowerthird2line:noah leopold rochester, mn "i would probably take all of my personal stuff and everything that i knew that could be in the way out." rentals on air b-n-b are running renters anywhere from three hundred dollars to two thousand dollars a night for superbowl weekend. the department of commerce suggests evaluating your risks before making any decisions. /