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Recovering from the Flu

With influenza widespread in both Iowa and Minnesota, we're looking at how to recover from the illness.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 16:56:44 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 16:56:44 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Recovering from the Flu

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influenza has now claimed the lives of twelve children across the country. and more thant two-thousand people have been hospitalized with it. influenza-stnger-1 k-i-m-t news three's emily boster is finding out how you can best recover from the flu if it hits your influenza-llvosot-2 influenza-llvosot-3 emily - those here at west fork family medicine are seeing kids, middle age and older adults coming in and testing positive for influenza. influenza-llvosot-5 according to the c-d-c most people will recover from the flu in an average of two weeks. those who are suffering from a severe illness, kids under the age of five, and nursing home residents are most at risk to suffer from complications from the flu. those at risk should be treated with an antiviral medication as soon as possible. if you're not on that list--the c-d-c recommends just staying home so you don't spread the illness. influenza-llvosot-4 charity - also people when they first start to get sick they don't know that's what they have so they share spoons, germs, be out in public coughing. kids in particular cough into their hands touch a cart at the grocery store, next person grabs it, that's how it spreads. influenza-llvosot-6 emily - dr. baker reminds you again that influenza is more of a respitory illness while norovirus is more of the vomiting. in rockwell, emily boster, k-i-m-t news 3. / / baker says drinking lots of fluids is key to recovering from influenza. and when it comes to kids...if they're breathing fast...not waking up or interacting...or not wanting to be held...those are all signs that you may need to take them in to see a doctor. / next on kimt