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SAW: Peyton Olson

Olson is a senior at Newman

Posted: Wed Jan 03 16:34:05 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 16:34:06 PST 2018

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looking for potential student athletes of the week... is a multi sport star... not a requirement... just something extra. - and after a busy four years at newman.. it only makes sense.. that peyton olson... .wins our award. - because she is busy.... all the time.xxx peyton olson saw-pkg-10 peyton olson saw-pkg-2 peyton: golf, basketball, softball, volleyball, dance and cheer. aj: peyton olson's high school resume is an impressive one. nat: but a nasty knee injury during her freshman year, almost changed that. peyton olson saw-pkg-3 peyton olson: i had surgery and actually learned how to golf because of it, it was the only thing i could do in the spring. peyton olson saw-pkg-4 aj: golf is her new sport.. but basketball is her favorite. peyton: we had a hoop at my old house and then just kind of our travel team in third grade was just when i fell in love with it. aj: newman fans will remember peyton's sister olivia... two olson's that made their mark with the knights. peyton olson saw-pkg-5 mike schutt: some of the moves that peyton does when she is playing defensively, offensively, both ends, she looks like olivia sometimes, you can see it. peyton olson saw-pkg-6 aj: coach schutt calls olivia one of the best point guards he's ever had.... peyton makes her mark shooting... and that's a-ok with her teammates. peyton olson saw-pkg-7 maria: you have to score points to win games, and that's what she does and she does it really well and even when she is in a rut, she keeps shooting, thats a good quality to have. peyton olson saw-pkg-8 aj: what separates peyton from the pack is her work ethic... and her desire to make every shot she takes. peyton: this year, my shot was a little bit off, i was relying a little bit more on driving, but over break i kind of adjusted and fixed what was wrong. aj: olson is also learning what it's like to lead this season... as a senior on a talented team. peyton: i think it really helps knowing that when one of us is having an off night, when can count on the other two, and the other people on the team to step up their game and help out the situation. peyton olson saw-vo-2 - you can help out our student athlete of the week situation by filling out this nomination form.. on the sports page at kimt.com. - and then watch for our new winner... next wednesday night at 6. / - josh