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Clearing Sidewalk in the Winter

Many cities have codes about keeping walkways clear, and home owners who don't shovel, could face a fine.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 16:10:30 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 16:10:30 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Clearing Sidewalk in the Winter

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dealing with the cold...but there's also snow on the ground. many cities have codes about keeping walkways clear of snow...and it can also be a liability for home owners. kimt news three's brian tabick has more. he joins us now live in mason city...brian?xxx shoveling-lintro-2 raquel...for those who walk everyday to get around...sidewa lks that aren't shoveled can be dangerous...esp ecially when the snow starts getting packed in and turns to ice. here in mason city...the city does have a snow removal policy. and if someone falls and it isn't are shoveling-lpkg-1 shoveling-lpkg-2 i walk a couple hours every single day natural sound mike anderson depends on these sidewalks being free from snow so he can get around safely. but as he has learned, not everyone is diligent about clearing their walkways. shoveling-lpkg-3 my feet get wet my feet get cold it's just a pain in the butt shoveling-lpkg-4 in mason city...there is an ordinance requiring property owners to keep their sidewalks clear. if you don' could face a fine. natural sound but for jeff arthur...keeping his sidewalk clean is a priority. shoveling-lpkg-6 that it's very important to keep the sidewalks clear for school children newspaper carriers meter readers emergency personnel lawn force meant fire department it's very important to have your sidewalks nice and cleaned through the winter shoveling-lpkg-5 arthuer is a mail carrier himself so he knows what it's like first hand to have to walk in an uncleared walks way. if the snow accumulates in the snow ends up becoming very bumpy hard to walk on resulting in a higher likelihood of falling or twisting ankle and also with the snow being left on the sidewalks it warms up and melts and then refreeze is that turns to ice so it's very important to clear the snow so it's safe to walk on now the city ordinance doesn't give a descrition on exactly how clear the sidewalks have to be...but it's left to the judgement of city staff. but for those like mike... the only way i can get around is to walk keeping the sidewalks snow and ice free is a must. / mason city city staff members tell me that they have received a few complaints already for this year. live in mason city brian tabick k-i-m-t news three. / thank you brian. if you would like to file a complaint for uncleared' re asked to call the city's neighborhood services department. / iowa state officials
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