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How does your state rank in traffic safety?

Iowa and Minnesota rank well when it comes to safety behind the wheel.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 15:42:41 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 15:42:41 PST 2018

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road with other drivers during the winter can be nerve- racking... but now--a new study suggests both iowa and minnesota are home to some of the nation's safest drivers. k-i-m-t news three's emily boster has the breakdown on how iowa and minnesota did when it comes to safe driving. she joins us now live in mason city - emily?xxx ia best drivers in usa-lvo-4 car insurance comparison dot com is judging drivers using five different categories-- the state's fatality rate, failure to obey traffic-control devices, drunk driving, careless driving, and speeding. keep in mind the lower you are on the list--the better. ia best drivers in usa-lvo-5 lowerthird2line:safest drivers ranked by state mason city, ia iowa is sitting at 51st while minnesota is sitting at 50th. the biggest differences between the two states when it comes to their ranks is accidents involving a driver impaired by alcohol. in that category - minnesota ranked 15th while iowa is ranked 42nd. one driver we spoke to says he's not surprised by the ia best drivers in usa-lsot-2 lowerthird2line:blaine schlawin johnston, ia blaine - seems pretty safe to me every time i drive around i really don't have issues with people. i always use my turn signal and its seems like other people do to the same. and the numbers are in when it comes to fatality rates for each state in 20-17. minnesota saw three hundred and 48 traffic fatalities---iowa saw three hundred and 29. both states saw a drop compared to 20- 16. in minnesota - fatalities were at their lowest since 19-43. live in mason city--emily boster--k-i-m-t news three. / / thank you emily. the iowa state patrol credits the state's crackdown on texting while driving and the lack of snow this winter for the low number of traffic fatalities. in minnesota - the state patrol says more people were driving sober... wearing seatbelts... and staying focused behind the wheel. / ots:jackpots soar powerball.png
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