Rules on snow removal

Not clearing your sidewalks could lead to a ticket in Mason City.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 15:40:55 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 15:40:55 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Rules on snow removal

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a relatively quiet winter... we are finally seeing snow in our area. but accumulating snow means it's time to shovel... and in some cities - not clearing your sidewalks could land in you in trouble. k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick joins us now live in mason city - brian what do people need to know?xxx shoveling sidewalks-lvo-2 amy i know it's cold outside and shoveling in this weather is not fun... but those with the city say you need to have your sidewalks cleared within 48 hours of the snowfall. shoveling sidewalks-lvo-1 lowerthird2line:shoveling after a snowfall mason city, ia if the city receives a complaint - or city inspectors see that your walks are not cleared off... you could end up getting a ticket. those with the city say it is a safety concern for people when sidewalks aren't cleared off. and if someone falls while walking in front of your home... you are liable. one man who walks every day says it is hard to get around when the walks ways aren't shoveling sidewalks-lsot-1 lowerthird2line:mike anderson mason city, ia i walk up here every day to catch the bus somewhere and it's the only way i can get around it walk. we spoke to one man who was shoveling his driveway and sidewalk today who says people need to keep mail carriers and others who have to walk outside for a living in mind. live in mason city brian tabick k-i-m-t news three. / thank you brian. those with the city say they have received a few snow- removal related complaints so far this year. / ia