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Transportation project set in Dodge County

MnDOT awarded seven communities grant money for transportation projects.

Posted: Wed Jan 03 10:10:52 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 10:10:52 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Transportation project set in Dodge County

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of snow fall in meanwhile in minnesota... minn?dot will be starting seven transportatio n projects after being awarded 18? million dollars in grant money. highway 56 in dodge county will be getting a bypass lane for southbound traffic.... and a right? hand turn lane for northbound traffic. also... access to con? tech manufacturing will be improved. one dodge center resident who works at mcneilus steel says the improvements will be very helpful to him as both a worker and "for us especially it's going to add easier access into contact just in and out, getting parts in and out, make it faster. as far as transportatio n, you're probably going to shave off a few minutes on people's times. i mean i always appreciate a couple extra minutes in the morning just to get ready." dodge county was awarded just over 135? thousand dollars for the