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Outdoor activity is trending

Outdoor activity is trending

Posted: Wed Jan 03 05:07:12 PST 2018
Updated: Wed Jan 03 05:07:12 PST 2018

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the cold temperatures are not stopping (everyone from going outside. kimt news three's annalisa pardo joins us live in the nice warm studio to show how those in our area is seeing an increase in outdoor activity. arielle ? that's right... you would think people would stay indoors under a blanket. but minnesota is reporting 20? 17 as a great year for outdoor activity... with an over 4 percent increase of people heading to state parks compared to last year. even in these cold temperatures ? people are still going on hikes and going skiing. this past year ? minnesota department of natural resources opened new campgrounds, trails, and added new park benefits for veterans... all adding to the overall increase of people enjoying the outdoors. quarry hill nature center says they've had more people ask what they can do at the park and ask about different ways to be outside. and they don't see an end in sight./// there is a growing trend, it is a wave or momentum where families are realizing the importance of making sure their kids get outside, getting away from the screen time. that developmental ly and for your overall health that's really important. sometimes the cold can stop some though ? iowa's department of natural resources (cancelled all the first day of the new year hikes due to cold weather. arielle ? do you think you'll be doing any outdoor activity during we have a link to minnesota's department of natural resource's full report with this story on kimt dot com under local news.