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Frozen Pipes

Area cities are getting reports of frozen pipes from homeowners and businesses.

Posted: Tue Jan 02 20:53:08 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 20:53:09 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Frozen Pipes

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area cities are getting reports of frozen pipes from homeowners and businesses. live kimt news 3's brooke mckivergan is live for us now to tell us how to keep our pipes from freezing. brooke? frozen pipes-lvo-3 katie - the city of mason city has some suggestions for home and business owners everywhere tonight. they advise measuring the temperature of the water coming from their faucet and if it is below forty degrees and dropping- adjust the stream to the size of a pencil and let it run. frozen pipes-lvo-1 lowerthird2line:freezing pipe precautions kimt news 3 this warning from the city comes as a precaution after the winter of 2013 when water lines in mason city were freezing due to extreme temperatures and little snow fall. much like we are seeing this year. i spoke with a woman who says she makes sure to take these precautions. xxx frozen pipes-lsot-1 frozen pipes-lsot-2 "when it starts to get 10 below without wind chill,then we know we have to start running the water." lisa tells me she has been running her water the last several nights and urges others to do the same. live in rochester- im brooke mckivergan k-i- m-t news 3. / thanks brooke. the city says if you have questions or concerns to contact your local water department.