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Cold Temperatures and Gas Pumps

Some older gas stations are seeing some issues at the pumps as the temperatures drop.

Posted: Tue Jan 02 16:49:26 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 16:49:26 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Cold Temperatures and Gas Pumps

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temperatures are also impacting something we all need...gas pumps.... kimt's news 3 stefante randall stopped by a local gas station to find out how people are dealing with out of service gas pumps. she joins us live now in studio 3. stefante?xxx gas issues-s3intro-2 katie - earlier today as i was driving through town..several gas pumps had out of service signs due to frozen pumps..but there were still many drivers bracing the cold weather to stop and get gas issues-s3pkg-2 gas issues-s3pkg-7 when kim peters pullled into the casey's genreal store to get gas.. he was not a happy camper. gas issues-s3pkg-3 "we can use some warm weather now..we've had enough of this." gas issues-s3pkg-5 due to the freezing cold temperatures.. several gas pumps were out of service.. as they are pumping extremely slow...somethin g that isn't ideal in these cold temperatures. getting in and out of your's just no fun to do anything in this kind of weather." joel fisher is a cashier at casey general store on north federal avenue and has sympathy for drivers like kim. gas issues-s3pkg-8 "pumps are going a lot slower than they normally do and when it is negative 10 degrees outside you don't want to be standing out there forever waiting for that thing to pump your gas." gas issues-s3pkg-4 he explains some of the issues they are experiencing with gas pumps. "one thing we've had going on is sometimes there is a little back flow valve so you squeeze your gas pump and lock it in place..well it has a thing for when the gas come out those have been sticking." while he does'nt have a solution - he wants to encourage drivers that they are monitoring the gas pumps. we're always trying to get people on their way as quick as we can you know..try to do it pleasantly and you know it's cold everything is going to slow down and you just have to be patient. / gas issues-s3tag-2 joel says the freezing temperatures also caused their air hose to freeze up. they are going to have to wait for it to thaw out before anyone can use it again. reporting in studio 3 - stefante randall kimt news 3. thank you stefante. and in this cold it's always a good idea to keep your tank at least a quarter full. - lots of area basketball teams
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