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Sprinkler Saves Salon

The owner says the system saved the salon from a fire by quickly extinguishing the flames.

Posted: Tue Jan 02 16:38:44 PST 2018
Updated: Tue Jan 02 16:38:44 PST 2018

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firefighters responded to sola salon in north rochester for an automatic fire alarm. when they arrived crews had a hard time finding the source of the fire...because a sprinkler system had already put it out. kimt news three's calyn thompson went to the salon today to see the damage and talk to the owner - calyn what are you learning? xxx sprinkler-lintro-2 katie - because of the fire that started from this electrical cord... the owner tells me they're looking at around 20- thousand dollars in damage and clean-up costs. but he and workers at the salon say it could have been much worse had it not been for their sprinkler system. take a sprinkler-lpkg-1 sprinkler-lpkg-2 "things could've been worse, they could've been a lot worse." linda johnson is just one of dozens hairstylists at the sola salon in north rochester. even though she's packing up some of her tools and products to temporarily work from another sola location... she's one of many thankful workers for this lone sprinkler that helped save the business. sprinkler-lpkg-4 "it's an expensive item to put in your building, but it will also protect the investment and i definitely believe in sprinkler systems now too." sprinkler-lpkg-5 salon owner austin lucas says due to the size of the building they're required to have a sprinker system... but he says they'd have one anyway. "there's a lot of electrical, a lot of equipment, a lot of appliances in a salon so with that being said, we'd put a sprinkler system in anyways just to protect the investment and the safety of all the professionals and the customers." the system is controlled by heat. once it felt the source of the fire - which was this automatic vacuum - the sprinkler head started shooting out water. sprinkler-lpkg-6 "the owner tells me the sprinkler system responded so quickly, these magazines were barely touched being just right above the source of the fire." sprinkler-lpkg-7 lucas took pictures on his phone - showng just how much water the the salon saw... "it basically flood three- quarters of the building so now we're just going through and cleaning up the floors, drying it all out, making sure our walls are dried out inside too so we don't get any mold problems going forward. so we want to put it back in a pristine condition, better than what we had before." the owner tells me it will take a couple weeks for the salon room where the fire started and sprinkler went off to be remodeled. live in the rochester studio, calyn thompson, kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. the owner says he expects the rest of the salon building to be reopened by the end of the week. / live weather tease live wx tease-live-2 your full stormteam