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Dog Found After Crash

Quenny was found by a KIMT reporter following up on a crash that happened on the Avenue of the Saints.

Posted: Thu Dec 07 16:51:40 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 16:51:40 PST 2017

Speech to Text for Dog Found After Crash

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on the avenue of the saints landed two people in the hospital yesterday their new dog went missing. 36 year old rachel kurtz and 18 year old courtney campbell along with the puppy were ejected from the vehicle. kurtz and campbell were taken to mercy medical center north iowa - campbell was treated and released. kurtz according to family is still in a medical induced coma. and queeny--was no where to be map-wpvo-1 map-wpvo-2 well today - one day after the crash - quenny was found here by our very own reporter, emily boster.. you can see she didn't travel far from the crash site. kimt news 3's emily boster joins us now.... emily what a happy ending to this story. i understand the two were bringing their puppy home for the first time?? yeah family members tell me they were on their way home from albert lea where they just picked up quenny when this happened. so tell us how you found quenny and ultimately brought her back to her new family. well i was following up on the crash today and met up with the brother of one of the victims and all of a sudden i look down from my car and there she was! so i went from focusing on my story to honestly just trying to help save this pup. let me show you how it all unfolded. xxx missing dog-pkg-2 missing dog-pkg-3 - nat- missing dog-pkg-4 eric - we actually met my sister in albert lea and she got into the car accident on the way home to drop off the puppy. missing dog-pkg-5 five month old queeny never really left the site where she was ejected from the vehicle during rollover. -nat- but it was just seconds into turning onto the avenue of the saints--when i spotted her. eric - i wasn't going to stop. so i came, couple pairs of sweatpants, three hoodies, hats, gloves, i was ready to go all day if i had to. what was supposed to be a meet up to do an interview about eric leesebert searching for his sisters dog turned into a rescue. parking the car--and just leaving the side door opened--i called out and she slowly climbed in. - nat- seconds later--i was able to share the good news with leesebert. - nat- -nat- queeny barely had a scratch on her. eric - how you feeling right now, i can't even describe it, so happy, so excited. hopefully giving this family a sense of home in a hard time. eric- she's going to go home to my sisters house she'll have two other dogs to play with, three kids, nice yard. / / / queeny was looked over today by a local vet free of charge --and is fine. that's great news - it really is amazing how people have such compassion for dogs... yes we have been getting so many messages asking if the dog has been found and how she is. missing dog-tag vo-1 missing dog-tag vo-2 comments just like these continue to come in. katie erics says this makes her heart so happy... donna and megan say this is wonderful news! and tiffany hickey tideman says this gives her goosebumps and she is happy they are reunited. good job emily. thanks..... and we will be sure to keep you updated on kurtz's
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