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Remembering Pearl Harbor

A local man shares his memory of the day of the attack.

Posted: Thu Dec 07 16:46:48 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 16:46:48 PST 2017

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ots:remembering pearl harbor pearl harbor .png today marks 76 years since the attack on pearl harbor...and memories of that day have not faded for a local man. pearl harbor-vo-2 pearl harbor-vo-3 harry joseph cookman says the attack on december 7th in 19-41 greatly impacted his life. while he was just a teenager at the time of the attack - it led him to eventually serve in the army during world war two - spending time in japan and the phillipines. looking back on this day - he remembers it as being a quiet one in his home. xxx pearl harbor-sot-2 pearl harbor-sot-3 harry - well we didn't swear much then but my reaction was probably just disbelief. the i-o-o-f home in mason city where cookman and his wife live held a pearl harbor rememberance ceremony this afternoon. / toys for tots-bpclip-2