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Lawmakers react to Franken's resignation

DFL lawmakers discuss how the party will move forward.

Posted: Thu Dec 07 15:54:58 PST 2017
Updated: Thu Dec 07 15:54:58 PST 2017

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tonight - local lawmakers are reacting to minnesota senator al franken's announcement today to resign from the u-s senate. kimt news three's annalisa is speaking with them about franken's decision and learning where minnesota's lawmakers want to go from here. she joins us now live from the rochester studio - annalisa?xxx franken reax-lintro-3 amy - after talking to local lawmakers - it's clear senator franken was a respected and highly valued legislator. but they say when it comes to sexual harassment and misconduct - that doesn't give him a franken reax-pkg-1 franken reax-pkg-8 i also wanted to be respectful of that broader conversation... track 1 it was a move some people didn't expect or want to see. state representative duane sauke says while franken was a valuable member of the d-f-l - he needed to set an example. lowerthird2line:state rep. duane sauke (dfl) rochester but still, i don't think there's any place for us to then say oh we should allow him to stay because he's so good.bologna! track 2 franken reax-pkg-9 in his resignation address - franken commented on the irony that both president trump and alabama senate candidate roy moore are facing similar allegations... but are not stepping aside. franken reax-pkg-4 there are very credible allegations both against the president and roy moore in alabama, who's accused of pedophelia essentially. and um, that's a problem in this day and age. franken reax-pkg-10 in one place, it must be addressed immediately, and in another place somehow it can be nuanced to be ignored. that is the problem. track so where does minnesota go from here? i certainly expect we'll see a lot more women elected and they should be, they do a great job in leadership positions and i look forward to that seat change happening. are we going to say that a person who comes and offers themselves to be elected must have a clean slate of life?...but that is definitely a question for voters, what are you going to vote for? / franken reax-ltag-2 a local lawmaker from the otherside of the aisle - state senator carla nelson - released a statement saying in part franken reax-ltag-3 i'm glad he finally did the right thing and resigned. additionally, anyone who has taken campaign contributions from sen. franken must return the tainted money. live in the rocehster studio - annalisa pardo - kimt news three. / thank you annalisa. minnesota senior senator amy klobuchar released a statement today following franken's resignation - saying in part... franken reax-grx-3 "as the women who have come forward to tell their stories across america have made clear - sexual harassment is never acceptable. in every workplace in america - including the u-s senate - we must confront the challenges of harassment and misconduct." / ots:crash update rollover.jpg it is a