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Jerusalem Decision Reactions

President Trump declared the United States will now recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, and people in our area are reacting.

Posted: Wed Dec 06 20:48:32 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 20:48:32 PST 2017

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president trump declared the united states will now recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. and people in our area aren't staying silent in response. live k-i-m-t news three's annalisa pardo has more. annalisa? / winter stolen cars-lvo-2 katie - earlier we spoke with a local rabbi who says president trump's declaration could lead to more conflict - but other israeeli jews tell us they're happy about trump's comments. jerusalem reax-lvo-1 lowerthird2line:local israelis react to jerusalem announcement rochester, mn president trump also announced he plans to move the u-s embassy to jeruselum - a move previous u-s presidents never did fearing it could upset the country's said position as a peace maker between the israelis and the palestinians. we spoke with a man from israel who now lives in rochester. he says this is a historic day - but does not change his religion's history. xxx jerusalem reax-lsot-1 jerusalem reax-lsot-2 but for every israeli, jerusalem is the capital. and it's not the capital from the establishment of the state of israel. it's the capital from the time of king david, king solomon. leker locker also says he hopes the international community will follow with formal recognition of jeruselum as isreal's capital. live in rochester, annalisa pardo k-i-m-t news three. / we weren't able to get in contact with a local palestinian - but the associated press reports palestinians in gaza rallied to protest president trump's announcement.