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SAW: Nick Joynt

Joynt is a senior at GHV

Posted: Wed Dec 06 18:34:35 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 18:34:35 PST 2017

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our list of student athlete of the week nomination forms.. we are looking for players.. that are making an impact. - and when nick joynt joined the list.. we knew.. it was time to honor all of his hard work. - here's more with the senior from nick joynt is saw-pkg-6 lowerthird2line:nick joynt ghv senior nick joynt: either you have the heart to finish the game or you are just going to fold up...with the pressure or sit here and quit, i love showing them that i can compete with the best. nick joynt is saw-pkg-3 aj: for his entire high school journey.. that's exactly what nick joynt has been doing. nick: you show what you've got inside. aj: the senior succeeds in every sport he plays... including basketball... and soccer.... but his favorite is football. nick joynt: i just like the hitting and the grind, its mono vs. mono half the time. aj: but in his final go around playing basketball.. leading his teammates.. is goal number one. nick: like grayson allen said in an interview, my goal is to lose my voice every game, so i am going to take that this year and i am going to try and lose my voice every game. aj: in addition to losing his voice..joynt is making a ton of plays... and seems to always be at his best, when his team.. .needs him the most. nick joynt is saw-pkg-4 joe: a lot of players are like that, they gear up for the big one, but nick that's kind of his bread and butter time, he likes to play big games.. against big teams. nick joynt is saw-pkg-5 aj: nick's hoping the biggest game of his career comes later this season... at the state tournament..for a second straight year.. only this time... hes hoping its for more than one game. nick: we have to focus before every game, we have to prepare, how kuemper prepared last year, we have to do that every week, with two to three games, we have to do that with every team, not overlook anyone. nick joynt is saw-vo-2 - we never overlook anyone... as potential student athletes of the week.. but if you would like to help us in this process... fill out this nomination form on the sports page at lp girls stay 1-vo-3 lowerthird2line:a's stay at #1 kimt news