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Spending County Funds

Iowa Code is preventing the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors from starting their own mental health services.

Posted: Wed Dec 06 16:53:40 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 16:53:40 PST 2017

Speech to Text for Spending County Funds

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of supervisors are in blackhawk county today...talking about the use of county funds on mental health. earlier this year - supervisors considered starting their own mental health services that they could use locally. k-i-m-t news three's brian tabick is live in the newsroom now to explain where they are now...brian? xxx mental health group-nrvo-3 katie the reason the board of supervisors decided not to leave the county social services program basically comes down to the iowa code prohibiting them from starting their own service locally. group-nrvo-1 lowerthird2line:spending county funds on mental health forest city, ia today representation from the board of suerpvisors headed to blackhawk county to discuss the use of funds saying some of the money that is being used is going towards programs that are not necessary. those on the board say the reason the social services program uses all of the money that comes to them is because they would lose the funds if they don't. winnebago county residents already pay more than 30 dollars to help those in the area. xxx group-nrsot-1 mental health group-nrsot-2 i know that a lot of funding for that is shirnking and that they are asking for out of community help so i know that the need is there and i know the need is great. those on the board of suerpvisors say that the county social services board funding more programs could ultimately mean more money is going to be needed from locals in the future. live in the newsroom brian tabick k-i-m-t news three. / thank you brian. hancock and worth county also use the county social services program. between 3 counties - more than 1-million dollars goes to the program each year. / today - time