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Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capit

A local rabbi is speaking out about the impact of the president's decision.

Posted: Wed Dec 06 16:07:54 PST 2017
Updated: Wed Dec 06 16:07:54 PST 2017

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today - president trump is recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital... shrugging off opposition from the arab world and european leaders. trump jerusalem declaration-stngr-1 kimt news three's calyn thompson spoke with a rabbi in rochester about her thoughts on the trump jerusalem declaration-llvosot-1 trump jerusalem declaration-llvosot-3 i spoke to one rabbi who says this decision could put american and israeli lives at risk. trump jerusalem declaration-llvosot-5 michelle werner is the rabbi at b'nai israel synagogue in rochester. even with being so far away, she's still feeling this decision due to the long, spiritual, and historical connection jewish people have to israel. she says this decision is not religious, but political. and it's a decision that could potentially bring dangerous reaction. trump jerusalem declaration-llvosot-2 "these decisions have very far reaching implications, but i think probably the most important one is the safety of the people who have to live in the presence of this decision." trump jerusalem declaration-llvosot-4 in rochester, calyn thompson, kimt news 3. / thank you calyn. coming up at 6 o'clock tonight... hear what the rabbi thinks the shared goals should be between the u-s and israel. / calls for franken resignation-vo-3